List of Claimed Recipes

The Soul of a New Cuisine, by Marcus Samuelsson

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Recipes submitted for the July 12th, 2017 meeting:

Chickpea-Eggplant Dip, p. 42 (Jean Husson)
Pistachio Rouille, p. 57 (Emily Speagle)
White Bean Puree, p. 72 (Nancy Kerr)
Grilled Seafood Salad with Yogurt Sauce, p. 79 (Laura LeVan)   (contains cod, tuna and shrimp)
Spiced Egg Salad, P. 81 (Karen Ahearn)
Corn Mashed Potatoes, p. 94 (Jane Franklin)
Mango Couscous, p. 96 (Sylvia Mallory)
Pomegranate rice, p. 99 (Holly West)
Red Rice, p. 101 (Pat Kreckel)
Yellow Rice, p. 105 (Cheryl Mandler)
Chicken-peanut stew, p. 114 (John Mandler)   (contains chicken and peanuts)
Corn Bread, p. 140 (Douglas Bailey)
Cumin Braai Bread, p. 141 (Wendy Wolfberg)
Curry Chapatis, p. 142 (Gurperneet Jeji)
Dried Fruit Bread, p. 143 (Claudia Feeney)
Lamb and Veal Kefta with Tomato-cucumber Salad, p. 161 (Breanna Daniell)  (with ground veal and lamb)
Candied Yams and Plantains, p. 175 (Carolyn Shohet)
Creamed Swiss Chard, p. 177 (Linda Benua)
Vegetable Tagine, p. 196 (Kathy Kelly)
Shrimp Piri Piri, p. 228 (Joyce Lamensdorf)
Bobotie, p. 285 (Suzanne Knight)   (Contains ground beef and peanut butter)
Almond Cookies, p. 302 (Barbara Gugluizza)
Chocolate-Coconut Sorbet with Peanut Butter p. 313 (Yvonne Medina)
Chocolate Pancakes with Bananas Flambe, p. 315 (Lorna Fredd)
Koeksisters, p. 322 (Lyn Lucks)
Peanut Cake w Caramalized Papayas & Plums, p. 326 (Dean Sullender)   (contains peanuts)
Sesame Cookies, p. 328 (Dorothy Franklin)
Sour Tamarind-Almond Balls, p. 329 (Beth Baryiames)